Loren and Neil have lived in Boston for three years.

Apes rank above dogs in intelligence.

I don't know what I have.

I'm old and not too well.

We won.

All the floors in her house are made of wood.

"Merril is thirty years old." "He's not really that old, is he?"

I'll do anything to get Jianyun back.


The typhoon did not a little damage to the crops.


The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.

I met him three months ago.

It was tragic.

No one recognized Gideon's genius while he was alive.

I've been practicing.

The Qutub Minar and Red Fort are in Delhi.

You need a haircut, Eddie.

We've already chosen.

The mind always loves to tack on to something, and when it doesn't have anything good for that purpose, it turns to the evil.

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Pontus knew where Krzysztof worked.

I bought some Romanian books for the students.

Bryce was the class clown.

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Quickly buy all required items.


What happens if we fail?

I hardly ever buy things with cash anymore.

I've got to see it.

Kelvin didn't answer right away.

"That shan't happen again," Fortunatus said to himself, and they started to ride at each other again. This time, Fortunatus's spear met his foe so powerfully that he flew from his horse like a ball and lay dead on the earth.

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He's a prude.


I hate parties.


Moore listens to Fox News.

What am I supposed to be looking for?

John is free from worry these days.

Marcia doesn't like to ask for help.

Let's see what's happening outside.

We talked about lots of things.

Why don't you try minding your own business?

This book is so easy that even a child can read it.

Has it been 10 years already?

You may as well postpone your departure.

Squaw Valley, California, is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States.

There's nothing going on between Ric and me.

When are you going to take me home, John?

Dan heard Matt and Linda arguing.

Lawrence leaned down to get a closer look at what was on the ground.

Iron not used soon rusts.

I can't make out what he says.

She's three years older than I am.

If she'd known the results, she'd have been shocked.

What are you guys looking at?

She would like to make an appointment to see the doctor.

She is less beautiful than her sister.

Loyd is your uncle, isn't he?

Lum needs some serious help.

The students couldn't answer.

We'll be back right after this commercial.

Remember what we argued about yesterday? Turns out you were right all along.

You mustn't carelessly believe the maker's motto.

May God have mercy on us all.

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Oh, you noticed that, did you?


The house was ablaze.

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We have to tell someone.

Don't break a mirror.

The abandoned city was swallowed by the jungle.

I'm confident that you'll succeed.

Izumi fell asleep while watching TV.

It sounds great.

Teaching is a profession of my own choosing.

Do we need to wait for them?

Mario prefers the taste of the sugar apple.

The purpose of our trip is to visit friends and see some tourist spots.

It's healthy to be mad.


I can't imagine my life without Mahesh.

He didn't want to disappoint his mother.

You don't know very much about me.

I need a girlfriend.

I was not a little annoyed.

She availed herself of every opportunity to improve her English.

Sorry that I forgot. I'm completely out of it today.

What are the other men doing?

Linda is Dan's sister-in-law.


She is certainly over forty.

This kind of work makes me hungry.

You should've left while you had the chance.


I know what a stapler looks like.

May I have an advance on my salary?

This box isn't so heavy.

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Manholes are round because that way they won't accidentally fall through the hole.


By the time he finds out, it will be too late.

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Christie wasn't sure how to respond.

Marc's not ready yet.

Ceres is named after the Roman goddess of growing plants, harvest, and motherly love.


You delivered the wrong package.

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I would have failed without his help.

I went to boarding school in Boston.

Can you see something red down below?


He always wanted to go to L.A.

After he came, the party started.

I'll look around.

She shrieked whenever she saw a spider.

Claude'll lose.

Don't open the door till the train stops.

I think maybe that was my fault.

Since the bus was late, I took a taxi.

This tour takes in each of the five main islands.

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The rights of children are universal.


Who is the greatest tennis player of all time, Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal?

Could you hold these bags until four this afternoon?

I gave them a chance.

Ssi has a dark sense of humor.

I don't want a banana.


The jury acquitted him of the crime.

We organized our CDs by artist.

I never even told my wife.

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I'm a better actress than I am a waitress.

I want this to be over.

Would that the trees might speak on behalf of all things that have roots, and punish those that wrong them!

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I don't think Spock shot Vinod.

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I found his house with ease.

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My children make pathetically sincere efforts to get up early.

I never dreamed that he would succeed.

Our kids are fat.

I don't want to sue Pilot.

Stand at ease!

We've done the best we can.

This one is for us.


Due to lack of money the more advantageous solution initially chosen was abandoned in favour of a necessarily less favourable second choice.

That day proved to be the turning point in his career.

He is tired of reading.


It is very good of you to say so.

There was water all over the kitchen floor.

This hotel has a gym and a swimming pool.


That's for you to decide.

Sandy watches too much TV.

Petr is lying on his back.


This is not a method, this is provocation.

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You are the only man in the world that I can call my friend.


Brandy tried to convince Moore not to do that, but he was unable to.

I think I'll make stew for dinner.

He showed a lot of skill.

Jane skipped the questions she couldn't answer.

Tell us what happened last night.


Larry did it in spite of all the difficulties.

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Your license is still suspended, isn't it?

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My uncle gave me his car.

Please read it aloud so that everyone can hear.

You can't imagine how humiliating this is.

The situation is very complicated.

The car hit a tree.

The man is not young.

The beer is served in a beer stein.

His wife accompanied him on the piano.

John has not come yet, but when he does, I will call you.

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"Here's your confession." "I'm not signing that."


This sentence has only one language.


I'll never be like you.

It wouldn't be the first time that happened.

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That would be awfully sweet of you.

"But three million is all I have," Dima said. "No more, no less."

Time was running out.

The more popcorn you eat, the more you want.